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Building Hope: A Volunteer’s Experience During the Lockdown

The novel coronavirus has smacked us right in the face with great uncertainty. The world thrives on planning for the future, often ignoring the present. This virus brought the world to a standstill and compelled everyone to work together and live in the present. The general functioning of systems is being questioned with great force,… Continue reading Building Hope: A Volunteer’s Experience During the Lockdown

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Keeping Hope Alive in a Messed Up World

We are going through a time of collective despair. The combined impacts of a pandemic, natural disasters and patriarchy-, racism- and caste-based violence can be overwhelmingly difficult to process. As we come face to face (not for the first time) with the lack of empathy and cruelty that human beings are capable of and how… Continue reading Keeping Hope Alive in a Messed Up World


Quarantine With Headphones On

By far 2020 has been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. With the coronavirus outbreak, forcing us to physically distance ourselves from society, it has taken a serious and heavy toll on our physical and mental well-being. As the months go by and the extensions keep getting renewed, it is not unlikely for people to… Continue reading Quarantine With Headphones On

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Insights on Care and Connection: An Interview with The Curio-city Collective

How to step out of our bubble and connect with others? This interview with The Curio-city Collective, an online platform on well-being and inter-connectedness in Indian cities gives us some insights.