Guest Authors


I am a Kolkata-based Sport and Exercise Psychologist. I’m also a sport enthusiast – which encourages me to try new activities quite often – I believe that sport and physical activities play an essential role in one’s development.  


I am intrigued by the world. Its many facets. Its many stories. Its many things. I am currently trying to decide between sticking to my career track or becoming an academician. That seems to be my perpetual dilemma.


Nikita Chatterjee is currently pursuing her Masters in Development from Azim Premji University.


I am a psychology major with an undying thirst for music, movies, books, dancing, and ofcourse binging on Netflix! I am a logophile and have an insatiable hunger for writing. I am also an addict of Parapsychology and Criminal Psychology. I love to travel and am the perfect personified example of the term ‘wanderlust’.


Sarah is a girl in the suburbs of Chicago, USA, who does things sometimes. The thing she is proudest of is her thesis which you can read here. She likes quiet, sunlight and water.

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