Cultivating Hope: A Framework

Stories of Hope was created as one response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken over all our lives. Its co-founders are two Kolkata-based women who work in the field of mental health.

The ‘Cultivating Hope’ framework is based on the definition of hope as per Hope Theory in Positive Psychology, the concepts of Collective Hope in the social sciences and strategies for sustaining hope used in environmental movements. The basic idea is that a sense of hope is fueled by successful acts of hope, and that these acts are enabled by being exposed to stories of hope. Acts of hope do not always need to be large-scale or focused on the outside world; small steps and self-care are crucial.

Three broad ways we can engage with acts of hope are: self-care, engaging with art and learning and taking initiative around social justice issues.

To learn more about how we understand the theories around hope that make up this framework, check out this article written by one of our co-founders.

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