Mindfulness for the Self

We have been running. Head and heart first. For a very long time.

The explosive growth of the world economy has made us all run at a speed like never before. Our forefathers knew nothing of such speed and our bodies have yet to catch up with it. We have fastidiously created economies and neglected the human body and mind. The twenty-first century and millennials are fast changing the way we perceive this speed.

Zen Buddhism follows an age-old tradition of the tea ceremony wherein the followers put away worldly distractions and focus their minds on the task of making tea and consuming said tea in a serene environment every day to refocus on the important things in life. It follows the philosophy of ichi-go ichi-e, which is a cultural concept that essentially means that no one moment can ever be repeated again. This “one time, one meeting” ideology is primarily focused on making people realize the transient and impermanent nature of time. No one moment can be repeated. The day gone by is a thing of the past. If one does not become mindful of their actions and life, the rush of the new world order can make someone lose themselves.

Mindfulness is a heavy word. It pertains to plenty of physical as well as mental components. Taking a page out of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, we can partake in this concept by creating spaces for all to find and reclaim a little piece of themselves. Calming and soothing textures and spaces are the base of mindful meditation.

Right now, we are all quarantined in our homes. Finding the corner in our homes that we feel the most comfortable in is step one. For example, I find solace in the room that has bay windows and books stacked as far as the eye can see. Once we find this little haven, we are able to focus on the inner self: the unimportant slowly fades out of mind and and we can indulge in the now.

When we are able to indulge in the now, we become mindful of the people around us and we begin our journey of enjoying the moment and becoming our best self.

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I am intrigued by the world. Its many facets. Its many stories. Its many things. I am currently trying to decide between sticking to my career track or becoming an academician. That seems to be my perpetual dilemma.



Artist and Visual Storyteller

I am a feminist and an artist with a keen interest in mental health. I have always found peace and the power of expression, in art and music, since a very early age. Empathy is my mantra and goal for life. The rest of me is essentially my love for dogs, swimming and food!

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